Election Day Prop Bets

Hooray!  It is Election Day 2012.  You will read a lot of political post but I decided to do something a little different with my bloggy blog.  I am going to be attending my first ever Election party tonight and I am quite excited.  If you are going you might be wondering how to make it a party akin to a Super Bowl party.  No Super Bowl party is complete without prop bets.  Here is a list of Election party prop bets for you and your friends to enjoy.

  1. How soon will someone mention binders of women?  It does not matter what channel you watch I guarantee it will happen right about the same time on each, plus or minus 2 minutes on Fox News Channel well you know just because.
  2. How late past his bed time will Paul Ryan get to stay up?  You and your friends will make guesses and the closest wins.
  3. Who will streak in a premature celebration?  Joe Biden or Newt Gingrich?
  4. Which of your friends will cry first when they feel chastised by Chris Matthews?
  5. Upon first sight of Mitt Romney will he be spray tanned or actual color?
  6. A point to whoever can explain the Electoral College without Googling it.
  7. Number of minutes until Rachel Maddow gives you those sexy bedroom eyes?
  8. Amount of time spent total Fox News takes trying so hard to avoid sounding racist.  Closest without going over wins.


This is going to be an intense night.  Yes I am partisan, yes you can disagree.  I just hope we can all agree democracy is beautiful.  If you get offended by this post, well lighten up.  Happy voting ‘Merica.  Please add your own below.

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