Black Friday, I Do Not Get You

I do not get Black Friday at all.  I see a lot of my friends getting excited, organizing game plans, and waiting it seems, loads and loads of waiting.  It feels like folks getting excited to wait in line for a ride at an amusement park.  Why?  For the love of God why?

I remember when I worked in radio we used to do a Black Friday broadcast from a store.  I am going to complain a bit, but understand that even my worst day in broadcasting was still better than my best day at any other job.  I remember I used to have to be at the station at 3a.m. which was not easy after stuffing my mouth hole with Thanksgiving fare.

I would get to the store at 4a.m. and as a grunt for the promotions department I would get it all set up.  This was difficult with little sleep and a full belly.  I did it with a smile though because I truly did love that job and interacting with the listeners.  Even if I thought they were all crazy people.

We seem to always hear the stories of the worst of humanity on this day.  The tales of people climbing over mountains of other people so they can save money on a child’s toy that will be obsolete by the following holiday season are always mind numbing.

Also I was not aware but apparently around this time Friday actually starts on Thursday.  Many stores opened their doors for the sales on Thursday evening.  So many people left their families just to save on money. I get capitalism and sure I am a fan of it, I love money and I wish I had more but people are cuckoo crazy this time of year.  I wanted to go last night and introduce these people to the magical world of the internet.

I did have a good idea though.  I wonder if I could make extra holiday cash by bring a line waiter for some of them.  They could shop and I would hold their place in line, I think I could make a mint.  In fact I am going to end this post now so I can get a jump on this idea.  I am willing to wait if I am going to get paid for it.  All I need is my phone and folks to play “Words with Friends” with.  Happy shopping, you wonderful, beautiful, crazy people.

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