Save Big Bird Hasn't It Been Through Enough

I spent my evening on Wednesday watching the Presidential debate, oh yeah I am hardcore.  One issue that came up was the funding for PBS.  Mitt Romney invoked the name of Big Bird.  First of all how dare he, what has Big Bird done to you except teach about not being hunted down as a giant yellow bird in a big city.  Also, I learned that parents really trust a giant yellow bird with their children.  Maybe I missed the point.

I used to work for PBS.  I saw first-hand what budget cuts and lack of funds will do.  I saw many hard working people show up to work only to find out they were being let go.  I mean sure some us not so hard workers were allowed to stay.  It was not an easy time for me.  You never knew when the axe would swing again.  Though I was okay with never having to watch Lawrence Welk again.  Seriously, people used to watch TV just to watch people dance and they were not even competing.

I have seen some great programs on PBS.  I know it sounds lame to say that but really I have.  Seriously guys and gals, there is a show about a giant red dog and no one ever thought it was weird.  Come to think of it PBS has the giant animal market cornered.

PBS is important it really is.  There are programs for everyone whether you are into knitting or cars or both, like my grandma, I still have some of her elbow grease in a can.   At least that is what she said it was.  There are many other wasteful programs that can be cut.

PBS does not need to be cut, the government should promote it.  They should remind people of the importance remind them to throw a few cents their way.  Remind them that the count is there ready to count the money as it rolls in.  I know some will not agree with this blog but like I said just like everywhere there are good people who depend on PBS to feed their families..  They work hard every single day to remain relevant.  Do not take it for granted, embrace it.

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