My DIY Haircut

It certainly was a long time since I had my hairs cut. I am not a fan of my hair, it is too curly which can make it unmanageable at times.  I usually have to use hair glue to make it look decent.  When I go for a haircut, it is a losing battle as soon as I walk through the door.

There is no point in explaining what I want done, a little off the top ends up being too much off the top, I can tell as soon as my hair falls on the cloak they drape around you. This is the first sign that I am not going to enjoy my hair for at least a week.  My vision and their vision are two different horrible things.  I tell everyone that every haircut is the first day I spend waiting for the two weeks it is at the length I am happy with.

I always think it is funny that they cut a bunch of your hair and then ask you how it looks.  If I tell you it is bad, what then?  Are you going to be able to rewind and let me stop you before it gets too short?  Will you super glue the bits of hair on the ground back on so we can start from the beginning?

This week I took matters into my own hands.  I decided if anyone was going to mess up my hair it was going to be me.  So I decided to give myself a haircut.  I have clippers, I have scissors, how hard can it be?  At least I know the vision of what I want my hair to be…

Funny thing about mirrors is the mirror effect.  It is the most difficult part of giving yourself a haircut the seemingly opposite movements even though you are watching yourself.  The easiest part was using the clippers, once I found the setting I liked.  Then it came to the top, I decided to use a comb to measure the length then run the clippers over it for a quick smooth cut, stupid mirror affect.

In the middle I received a call from my girlfriend who knew about my plan and was already very nervous.  Then the buzzing reality of the clippers on my end of the phone and what I can only imagine were the images of constant bad hair days.  It did not help that I sounded unsure of myself.  So I cut some of my hair, just enough to feel like I accomplished it but not enough to be bald.  Is still don’t know how I feel about it, good thing I have magical healthy hair that will grow back.  I doubt I will attempt it again, the hairstylists go to school for a reason and I will respect the craft from now on.

No pictures, I am too vain to show my imperfections…

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