Lost Dog: A Dog Lover's Lament

I lost my dog.  Well kind of, if you give your dog to a friend because you cannot take it with you but you still see it pretty regularly, can you still count it?  I love him, he is an idiot, but loveable.  I used to be married and the boxer was one of our pets as was the pug, Sophia and two cats.

I was allowed to keep Sophia but she had a congenital heart issue and died a couple of years ago.  I took that really hard.  So hard in fact, that I had her cremated so I could do something with her ashes.  I still have them, they are doing what she loved to do, nothing.  I still miss her pushed in face and loud snoring.

Now the boxer has run away from my buddy’s house and I am feeling that loss again.  Granted I gave him away but I never stopped loving him.  I have spent the last couple of days searching for him.  I keep expecting that he is hiding out and will see me and attack me, Dino style, like he always did.

He is a good boy.  One of my favorite stories is the day I brought home a giant piece of premium steak.  I celebrated like a Cro-Magnon Male celebrating his first kill.  I actually looked forward to coming home and cooking it.  I placed the steak on the counter and decided to celebrate with a cigarette.  That was s a mistake.  Paulie was big enough to grab the juicy steak off the counter and demolished it.  Then looked at me like nothing happened, I kept him anyway.

Now he is gone, I wonder where he is.  Did someone else find him?  Did they look into his marble-like eyes and fall in love?  With each day that passes I lose hope of ever having him drool on me again.  Yes I gave him away but he was always there.  My only hope if that if I can never see him again that he will bring the same happiness to someone else.  But, really, I just want him to come home to my friend’s house.   I miss you Paulie, also if you can read this, then you can type.  Comment below and tell me where you are and I will come get you, you can have my steak, dude.

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