Lance Armstrong Deserves His Fall.

Lance Armstrong is the perfect example of “you get what you deserve”.  Losing numerous sponsorship deals, was the latest blow in his fall from a fabricated grace.  He is an ego maniac who exploited his disease and charity to claim his fame, and now we all know he is a fake.

As a survivor of cancer twice over I have always been insulted by the idea that I am supposed to look at Lance Armstrong as a hero to those who have been touched by cancer.  The heroes are the ones who battle this disease silently every day.  The good people who work for charities to fight cancer because they want to not because they are searching for fame are also heroes.

I would not consider myself to be a hero.  I do not even think I am extraordinary.  I think I am a good person with a lot of love to give and at the end of the day that is all I need.  I use my comedy to give people hope with this disease.  I want them to see that people can survive cancer and learn to laugh at it personally, this does not make me a hero, it makes me compassionate.  I also want to use comedy as a weapon to fight this disease and next week I will be in competition and if I win my winnings go to fighting cancer.

Lance Armstrong has revealed himself to be a snake he is smarmy.  With all of those years defiantly shooting down rumors, to his silence after facts made it apparent.

I was listening to the radio on my way home yesterday.  One caller spoke of it being a sad day witnessing one of his heroes get stripped of one thing after another.  I am sorry but if you are or were a fan of Lance Armstrong yesterday was your opportunity to be angry.  Just like you would be angry if someone you loved lied to you, you should be angry at Lance for lying to you and letting you believe he was a person of honor.

I am not nor never was I a fan of his.  Yesterday I felt anger and satisfaction.  I was angry that he exploited a serious disease to make millions of dollars.  I did feel the satisfaction that he will no longer get to enjoy time basking the afterglow.  As a survivor, I am happy he survived cancer as I am when anyone beats it.  As a human I feel nothing for him, he will quietly go away and live off the exploitation which can never be taken away.  If I am sad about anything, it is that last statement.

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