"Dancing with the Stars" killed "Creep" by Radiohead.

I did not really need another reason to hate “Dancing with the Stars” but a couple of days ago they gave me reason #9,874,524 my sister called me and said “Listen to this song”.  The stupid big band on stupid “Dancing with the stupid Stars” was playing a stupid big band version of “Creep” by Radiohead.

Really??!!  Are you effing kidding me?  You couldn’t pick a song by Creed?  Look, “Creep” is not my favorite Radiohead song, it is not even in the top 10 but they ruined it.  It is not a big band song that “stars” are supposed to dance to.  It is a song about lament and not being popular.  I know Radiohead hates the song and I know they do not perform it anymore but still, who do they think they are?

While I am at it they really are stretching by calling the dancers stars.  I mean the most famous person on the show is Tom Bergeron and that is only because he hosts every single show that Ryan Seacrest doesn’t host.  I do not care to ever watch the show.  I do not have an issue with watching people dance I just think the show is annoying.

There are way too many competition shows anyway.  I do not watch a ton of TV but when I do it seems like there is always some hotline open to vote for some person I do not really care about.  I thought for sure these shows would have burned off by now, but they are alive and kicking.

There enough awful bands out with songs you can completely bastardize.  I have a good taste in music, so just leave the bands I dig alone.  It is not cute, it is not fun.   It is an insult.  I am intelligent, the people who watch your program are intelligent, well mostly.  If you keep insulting them they will walk away and you can go home to your pile of money.

Wait, that last sentence seems like the good life.  I want a pile of money.

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