Lindsay Lohan is a Living Catastrophe

Lindsay Lohan is a rash the more you scratch the bigger she gets.  I understand the car wreck (pun kind of intended) aspect of it.  Even now in a big city like Chicago if you see lights on the side of the road we cannot help but slow down and catch a glimpse of the carnage.

The same is the case with Lindsay, we all claim to be sick of her but we cannot get enough of her demolition derby of life.  Somehow, she has still managed to not die from her lifestyle and will most likely outlive most of us and regale the world about husbands 4-10.

She was a promising actress at one point but that actress is certainly history.  Most directors will not give her work because they cannot depend on her.  The only one that can count on her is her dealer, she never misses out on that and always has correct change. The latter is only a guess but after all these years I am sure she knows exactly how much money to bring to a deal.

Do I really care this much?  Not really, I am just tired of seeing people piss away their talent.  I work really hard to get my name out there.  I respect my art, I do not drink or do any drugs.  Comedy is the one thing I have really been good at.  I do not need to be famous I just want to make enough money to make a living.

And to cover any hit and run accidents I flee from.

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