I Need a College Team to Cheer For.

I am about to admit to something that a lot of men do not or will not admit to.  I do not watch college football.  There are a few reasons for this, I have never gone to college, I did take classes in broadcasting but I don’t think the Illinois Center for Broadcasting has a football team.  The other reason is that I cannot dedicate a whole day just lounging around in my boxers and stained t-shirt watching sports.

The first issue is probably the biggest.  I notice on my Facebook feed every week my friends, who were smart and continued their education, cheer on their alma mater.  I am know this is a large part of the experience and perhaps I would be more passionate about the sport had I gone to collidge.

The second of my 2 issues is something I can overcome.  It seems that no matter where I go or what I do there are a couple of college games on the television.  So I suppose I do not have to disrupt my life in order to enjoy the sport.  Also, teams change every year, guys move on to the NFL, so there is a lack of caring about the players on the team you cheer for and really you are just cheering on a name.

Here is what I have decided to do, since I am a man without a team I am opening it up to you , the reader.  I will let you comment below this post and you will choose my team.  It can be the best team or the worst team, just not Penn State, I cannot even pretend to like them.  I will become a huge fan of that team I will watch the games, I will post to Facebook and I might even get a sweatshirt.  So there you have it, my college sports future is in your hands, once there are enough suggestions I will reveal the winner.  So, Ready.  Set.  Go.

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