I Am Not Addicted to "Breaking Bad"

I am from an elite group of people, though to many it might not seem that way. I am one of very few people who has never seen “Breaking Bad”.  It is not that I do not think I would enjoy it, I just never watch it.  Now, I wear it like a badge of honor, sort of like I did with “Lost” I have yet to see a second of that show.

I am not as much of an avid television watcher as I used to be.  I have been spending a lot of my free time writing, not just my blogs but also working on bits for comedy.

It may also surprise you that I have never seen “Avatar” though I do not feel like I would enjoy it much.  I am still not quite sure what the point is besides James Cameron working on making enough money so he can one day buy the Earth.  It is coming, soon we will all be a part of James Cameron’s world and most likely in 2D just to change things up a bit.

Once I find out that I am one of few to not be a part of anything I start to enjoy it.  I am always trying to be a little against the grain I suppose.  I am not anti-pop culture, I just do not feel the need to be in with the “in” crowd.

Sometimes I am tempted to watch “Breaking Bad” to see what all of the fuss is about but I rarely have time to dedicate and it would probably take me some time to get caught up and even by then the show will be long gone.  Besides there are a couple of books I have yet to read so if I make time I will dedicate it to that.  Until then please no one ruin “Green Eggs and Ham” for me, I am anxious to see how things end for our protagonist Sam.

If I catch up on any show it will be “Lost” and I will update Facebook with each episode I watch as if the show is still on.  What a fantastic way to get on everyone’s nerves.

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