A Blathering of Comedic Proportions

Occasionally us bloggers come out of our holes and get together at events called “Blatherings” (Blog+Gathering). This time around we went to Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn. Fellow comedian Scott King and I were commissioned to put a comedy show together by our fearless leader, Jimmy Greenfield. So we did just that, we were joined by Dale Zawada, Jacob Williams, and Fritz Nothnagel for a show that ran about an hour.

Personally, I love any chance I get to perform but to perform for friends and colleagues makes me equal parts excited and nervous. I knew the show would be entertaining and I know I am funny but gosh how I still get stage fright. I have included a clip of my set shot and wonderfully edited by Curtis Shaw Flagg. All in all Scott and I were happy with the show and the comics did a great job of entertaining and making it a successful night.

One thing I love about the blatherings is getting to meet my fellow bloggers. This was my second blathering and since joining the Chicagonow community I have made some wonderful friends. It is good to hear others stories and find out who these people are beyond the words typed out on the screen. Somehow, I always manage to miss some people, people I will make it a point to meet up with at future events.

One thing I have always loved about Chicagonow even before I became a contributor is the fact that this site is composed of real people writing about real things with real emotion. You the reader are free to argue but it is important to remember that in order for your argument to be taken seriously you have to make an informed argument. I love my colleagues, they are my friends, and I will protect them.

Chicago when? Chicagonow!

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