Steal my blog

I have yet to experience something that a lot of writer’s experience, having their words plagiarized.  As a I writer I know I should be happy but it leaves me feeling jealous and insecure.  Why isn’t my writing good enough to steal?

Even as a comedian I would be flattered if someone stole my joke.  As long as it was one of my not so funny jokes that I am okay parting with.  I thought a comedian stole a joke but like music there are so many comedians in the world subjects are bound to be thought by many more other than myself.   You may say maybe I stole this joke from that comedian well I can assure you that is not my bag and I like to think I think outside of the box comedy wise.

Maybe my blogs are just not interesting enough…no that is silly of course they are.  It could be I am not well known or do not have enough readers to be copied.  I just think it would be nice to Google my name and see my blog attached to someone else’s name.

Now I am not saying I want all of my blogs to be stolen, but one would be okay.  I would be too honored to be mad.  Some might say this is a serious issue and it is but I am speaking solely for myself.  Perhaps people find spelling or grammatical errors and feel like they do not want to be associated with such things, I do not know.

So if you are reading this or any of my blogs and feel like you want to steal them just know I will really feel like I have made it as a writer.  However, let us not make it a habit because at some point it will upset me and I am Irish and somewhere deep inside of me there is a Hulk like monster brewing,

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