Ran dumb thoughts

This may seem like I am using this blog to work on bits.  That is not true, today's blog took many forms and I could only think of one line, so I took the best of the one liners and put them together in a singular post. Here they are in no particular order:

Congratulations go out to the many “Id” state of Mississippi for being the most obese state in the union.  You can all relax in Louisiana, you put up a good fight but in the end you came up short.

Did anyone else notice that Willard Romney picked his mini me as running mate?  “With this laser…”

The top searched story on Google today was oral sex.  The early perv catches the porn I guess.

In the last few days we are catching up on the lack of summer rain.  Finally the homeless get a shower.

Chad Johnson was arrested , is getting a divorce and got fired twice this week.  “Ochocinco” is what his current rate of pay will be bagging groceries

The Olympics are over and I have no idea if America won the most medals, which either means I am a bad American or I need to read more news.

WWE is producing an animated Scooby Doo movie, the plot will include Papa Shango as an island ghost who will be defeated by many chair shots by Shaggy.

Seriously though, really?

Ron Palillo died this week, if celebrities die in threes then I guess we are still three away.

^^^too soon^^^ there I took care of that

There was a winner in the Powerball last night, I did not play I do not get out of bed for less than 400 million.

Would it be a waste of money if the Mars rover discovered that Mars was completely made out of chocolate?

I looked at a picture of Ke$ha on my computer it gave my computer a virus: herpes

I hope you enjoyed the thoughts that invade my head. Sometimes it is nice to let them spill out here, it is a spill that cannot be cleaned up, an I am okay with that.

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