My first time in the past.

Last night I went to a lounge in Chicago where for some reason I have never been.  I had to find something fun to do, the pressure was on.  There are so many things to do here, but finally I stumbled upon The Green Mill.

This place is torn right out of the prohibition era.  Guys who look like made men seemingly surveying the area for coppers.  There was an orchestra playing big band hits of the past and many folks dancing as if time rewound and stood still.  A healthy mix of hipsters, tourists and fans of the music from a time when women were dames and being in a gang was almost cool.

You walk in and once you get pass the bouncer you instantly feel like you are in a different age.  Though there are tiny reminders of the present time, the ATM, the drink prices and cell phones.

It is a fun joint and packed for a Thursday night, I was surprised that this was the first time going there.  I have been in the area many times, including last week when it must have been closed because without the lights on the place is very unassuming.  I think that is in keeping with the time, a sort of secret speakeasy that only exists when you walk inside.

I am pretty sure I will be returning again.  The music and atmosphere is fun.  They also recreate an old time radio broadcast with announcers and live commercial reads.  The authenticity and attention to detail is pretty spot on.  It was nice to be returned to the age of computers and fast cars with windshield wipers, though, especially with the storms last night.

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