I love football but do i love it this much?

Every year I put myself through the same hell, fantasy football.  I have never done very well in my years of playing.  I know a lot about football, my teams just never seem to do as well as I think they will.  Every year I tell myself I am done.  Every year it pulls me back in.

I am in 4 leagues this year, I believe this is a record for myself.  I am a little afraid about this, which is a lot of commitment.  I mean most coaches can’t handle running one team, I am in charge of the fantast lives of many fake people.  My fake fans will call into fake radio shows and tell the fake hosts how awful a coach I am and I should be fired and thrown back into reality.

I prefer the live draft method but I will not be around for a couple of them.  That is fine because part of my masochistic joy of fantasy football is looking at what team the computer put together for me.  I remember one year I auto drafted 3 kickers.  Yep, 3 kickers, needless to say I lost that year.

I am not the kind to give up on a league in the middle if I am not doing well.  So if all of my teams are bad it is going to be a long year and I might be serious about my fantasy retirement next year.  I know it is a geeky but I have fun playing it.  I am looking forward to football this year, real and fake.

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