$300 for shoes?!

Parents, girlfriends, gifts for yourselfers, if you plan on buying the Lebron X shoe be prepared to mint your own money.  The new shoe which will be released by Nike later this year is expected to cost you 300 bones*.

I remember when $100 seemed like too much money for a shoe.  Heck if I spend over $30 for shoes, it is considered expensive to me.  I am not cheap I am thrifty, this is what I have learned from new Chicagonow blogger Luciana Bonifazi.  Seriously though, over 300 dollars for a pair of shoes seems ridiculous.

Well doesn’t it?  I have seen women spend double that on purses yeah the thing they buy to hold their things.

According to Nike the shoes will keep track of how high you jump and how fast you run among other things.  I mean they will probably help you get robbed so it is best to keep track of your running speed.

For that much money I have some other things these shoes should do.  They should be able to give you a full work out without you getting tired and double the results.  They should rub your feet constantly.  Seriously all the time is a good time for a foot rub.  They should give your ego a stroke and know when you need it.  They should also automatically kick any radio that plays “Call me Maybe?” or “Red Solo Cup”

People who are food nerds are known as “foodies” so are people who a shoe nerds known as “shoedies”?   I am guessing most shoe nerds who buy these will not wear them but have them on display somewhere in their huge mansions.  Only people who live in mansions should ever drop that much money on a pair of shoes.

If you are thinking of shilling out the money for the new Lebron shoes, I have a Paypal account would like to take my comedy on the road and you can be my financial backers.  That is a better investment than some silly shoes that will be blasé next year.

*300 bones might actually more affordable.

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