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Hilarious, versatile Tim Barnes tells why it’s time to say, “Goodbye, Chicago. Hello, New York City”

June! Exodus! When Tim Barnes came to Chicago from Los Angeles, he had a few thousand dollars, Del Close’s Truth in Comedy, big dreams and the question of whether he would be successful. Four years later, he is leaving us. It’s that season in Chicago when many of comedy’s best and brightest pack up their... Read more »

EPIC Fest's Kelsie Huff, Marty DeRosa and Tim Barnes share adventures in comedy

When the organizers of EPIC Fest called it EPIC Fest, they weren’t kidding. They say it stands for Edison Park Infectious Comedy Fest, but no doubt it’s also for the epic line-up of comedians who’ll settle into Edison Park from Tuesday, October 13 through Sunday, October 18. You’ll recognize them from The Late Show with David... Read more »