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Talking with The Brady Campaign's Kim Parker Russell about "Fun Lovers Unite! An Evening of Music, Comedy and Gun Sense" ... and what we can do everywhere to hurry up some progress

A harrowing and tragic evening brought Kim Parker Russell to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence where she is now a regional organizing manager. There, Kim has accomplished something heroic. She has forged optimism from trauma. Not cheery, lightweight optimism, but optimism borne of sound strategy and the conviction that change is possible and... Read more »

Talking with Jeanne Darst about comedy, gun sense and truth

One time a man knocked pamphlets out of my mom’s hands and called her a Communist. In the late ‘60s, “communist” was a pretty bad thing to call a person. Why the epithet? My mom was campaigning on Washington, D.C.’s National Mall for gun reform. It’s one of my earliest memories. It happened just after... Read more »

Talking with Josh Mills about "Fun Lovers Unite! An Evening of Music, Comedy, and Gun Sense"

In the dim early hours of June 17, 1992, Asher Montandon was the target of a robbery on a Los Angeles street. The robber had a gun. He ended Asher’s life in a moment of violent chaos which would reverberate through time to this day. Asher was 24 years-old and  living with his brother Maccabee.... Read more »

Comedy fans should know about these two Kickstarters

The best Kickstarters aren’t just pleas, they’re opportunities. Best are the ones with perks that match your passions. They are a serendipitous way to be part of a project that is in sync with your dreams. I recently heard about two campaigns that hit these marks for comedy fans. The American Bystander #2    End date:... Read more »

Happy 100th Birthday and thank you, Dear Beverly Cleary … plus my Top 15 Beverly Cleary moments

My nemesis was clear by first grade. Enemy, thy name is reading. My classmates sped, sprinted and gloated through our color-coded readers. Classmates were done with the Red Reader by recess. Stomped the Blue Reader into submission by lunch. Then they competed to see who would get through Yellow and Green the fastest. “Craig is... Read more »

Ticket Alerts! I predict these Chicago comedy events will sell out!

March 24-26: Vir Das at The Improv. One of India’s most popular stand-up comics. March 25-26: An Evening With Noel Fielding. From the mighty Mighty Boosh and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Noel Fielding brings his eclectic comic mix of stand-up, animation, music and storytelling to Thalia Hall. March 26: Trevor Noah at The Chicago Theatre. The Daily Show... Read more »

Huge comedy news: Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan, Jessica Williams, Michael Che and more coming to Chicago for Onion/A.V. Club Festival

TruTV and the Onion and A.V. Club announced this morning a star-filled line up for its 3rd Annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival. The Festival will take place at venues around Chicago, June 1-5 and will include: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1: TRACY MORGAN at The Civic Opera House, 8:00 p.m. THURSDAY, JUNE 2 MICHAEL CHE at Lincoln... Read more »

Happy birthday, Mitch Hedberg!

Last night at midnight I amazed my husband by singing a McDonald’s commercial I hadn’t heard since the ‘70s. Then I regaled him with a couple of Burger King riffs from the same era. “Have it your way!,” I told him. I also sang the entire Ourisman’s Chevrolet song which meant nothing to him because... Read more »

Maria Bamford is coming to Chicago!

Yesss! Maria Bamford is coming to Chicago! Just announced this morning, the show is at the Athenaeum Theatre on August 19 at 8:00 p.m. Get your tickets here. This one is going to sell out very fast. Maria Bamford’s mind works like summer lightning. Brilliant, fast, jagged, beautiful, thrilling, unexpected. She also takes on the... Read more »

Wanda Sykes announces April 9th show at the Chicago Theatre

One of the funniest comedians of our time is returning to the Chicago Theatre. Wanda Sykes announced this morning that her Herlarious tour will touch down here on April 9th. I need to impart  a piece of important  life-or-death information. Do not buy seats in the front row of the mezzanine. The advantages of having... Read more »