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From Wales with Chutzpah: Talking with Gwenno Dafydd

When Welsh television came knocking, Gwenno Dafydd was ready. The TV station S4C wanted to greenlight her project. After ten years of hard work, pitches and meetings, her dream was coming true. But now there was a catch and it involved some other good news. Gwenno was pregnant. As timing would have it, the program... Read more »

Talking with the Late Show's Emmy Blotnick about truth, salmon, and the beauty of myth busting

When I asked Emmy Blotnick what her comedy says about her, she said: “A lot of my comedy is trying to reevaluate things I learned and took as fact.” And just like that, I had my New Year’s resolution. Challenge assumptions! Question beliefs! It’s the path to liberation. In Emmy’s comedy, it’s also the expressway... Read more »

"Who made God?" and other questions with Pat McGann

Pat McGann is a hit with audiences of all sizes, from his three kids who are ages six, five and four to sold-out arenas where he opens for Sebastian Maniscalco. On the Late Show with David Letterman, Pat got the audience roaring with laughter over his role as clothes-washer-in-chief, the dampening effect on his love... Read more »

New dad! New material! New Year! Michael Palascak is here!

I may have spoken with Michael Palascak during the busiest week of his life. True, he’s been on the go since his comedy career began in 2004. Back then, he was a graduate of Second City and had been invited to join the well regarded improv group Mission IMPROVable. He had to decline because he... Read more »

Chicago stand-up is the star in Michael Alexander's new movie "Laugh Till You're Winded"

One day back in the eighties, a young man from Chicago went to L.A. on vacation and decided to take in a show at the Comedy Store. As he waited in line, Michael Alexander had no idea that a moment was fast approaching that would change his life forever. Actually, it was a comedian who... Read more »

Meg Indurti talks about “Bordering on Hilarious” and how you can support immigrant children’s rights on Thursday, October 11

In August 2001, Meg Indurti immigrated to the United States from Hyderabad, India. On the bright side, she was with her family, she already excelled in English and her parents were excited to give their children new opportunities. More difficult, she stood out in her class – never an easy thing for an eight-year old... Read more »

Talking with Brian Babylon about his new album and how he became the Prince of Bronzeville

The Prince of Bronzeville is royalty Chicago-style. He won’t smile remotely or speed by you in a carriage and make you strain for a glimpse. Not at all. The Prince of Bronzeville, a/k/a Brian Babylon, tells the unvarnished truth, makes it one-hundred percent funny and greets fans warmly when they recognize him on the street.... Read more »

Comedian Mara Marek's 4,100 mile odyssey to fight domestic violence

On August 13, comedian Mara Marek got on her bike like she’s done thousands of times before. But that day’s ride was different and Mara is like no other biker. That ride launched Bike, Laugh, Heal, her epic cross-country comedy tour to raise domestic violence awareness and provide support to survivors. The 4,100 mile odyssey... Read more »

Rainer Hersch: "The World's First Classical Hooligan"

GUEST POST by Jeff Ring. Jeff is the editor of Opus Magazine, a publication of the League of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association. In 1996, an audacious young man (Note: well I think 34 is young) appeared on the stage of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival prepared to deliver his show “All Classical Music Explained (ACME)”.... Read more »

Q&A with Jay Chandrasekhar about Super Troopers 2 and what comes next

Which town is considered the shenanigans capital of the United States? If you answered “Spurbury, Vermont,” you are correct. Spurbury’s reputation was established in 2001 by a ruthlessly funny group of state troopers who delighted in pranking everyone from their commanding officers to confused drivers pulled over and subjected to epic hijinx. In reality, Spurbury... Read more »