From Wales with Chutzpah: Talking with Gwenno Dafydd

When Welsh television came knocking, Gwenno Dafydd was ready. The TV station S4C wanted to greenlight her project. After ten years of hard work, pitches and meetings, her dream was coming true. But now there was a catch and it involved some other good news. Gwenno was pregnant. As timing would have it, the program... Read more »

Chicago comedy spotlight for Monday, February 11 - Friday, February 15, 2019

Visitors in town: At Zanies: Benji Affalo (Chicago), Michael Somerville (Chicago), Amir K (Rosemont). At The Improv: Jamie Kennedy Ticket alerts: This weekend: Chicago’s all-therapists improv group, the Therapy Players are at RhinoFest this Sunday, February 17 and Sunday, February 24. This is also an amazing-deal alert! A rare chance to see these award-winning comedic... Read more »

Chicago comedy spotlight for Monday, February 4-Sunday, February 10, 2019

Visitors in town: Rory Scovell, Chad Daniels, KevinMcDonald. John Cusack returns to his hometown. At Zanies: Rachael O’Brien (Chicago), Marsha Warfield! (Chicago and Rosemont), Chris Garcia (Chicago and Rosemont), Ali Clayton (Chicago), Kellen Erskine (St. Charles). At Riddles: B. Cole. At the Improv: Pablo Francisco, Challenge Mania Live. At the Kenosha Comedy Club: Joby Saad.... Read more »
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Chicago Comedy Spotlight for Monday, January 28-Sunday, February 3, 2019

In town: Wanda Sykes, Bobby Moynihan, Chris D’Elia. At Zanies:Dan LaMorte (Live album recording on the 28th and 29th at Zanies Chicago), Sugar Sammy (Chicago and Rosemont), Kira Soltanovich (Chicago and Rosemont), Don Friesen (St. Charles). At Riddles: Tony Roberts. At The Improv: Adele Givens. Ticket alerts: March 2: Fred Armisen at Metro. In the... Read more »

Chicago comedy spotlight for Monday, January 21-Sunday, January 27, 2019

Visitors in town: Ramy Youssef, Caitlin Kunkel, Chris Fleming, Rick Overton, The Capitol Steps. At Zanies: Brad Wenzel (Chicago and St. Charles), Emma Willmann (Chicago), Dan LaMorte (Rosemont). At The Improv: Rocky LaPorte, Mitch Fatel. At Riddles: Chastity Washington. Fillet of Solo, a storytelling and comedy festival continues! Details here. RhinoFest, Chicago’s longest running fringe... Read more »

Chicago comedy spotlight for Monday, January 14-Sunday, January 20, 2019

Visitors in town: Anthony Atamanuik, Jen Kirkman, Kate Berlant, Michelle Wolf. At Zanies: Russ Williamson (Chicago and St. Charles), Joe List (Chicago), Dulce Sloan (Chicago and Rosemont), Larry Reeb (Rosemont and St. Charles). At The Improv: Finesse Mitchell. At Riddles: Damon Williams Comedy Series 2019 presents MLK Weekend with Rodney Perry. FOUR Chicago festivals this... Read more »

Chicago comedy spotlight for Monday, January 7-Sunday January 13, 2019

Visitors in town: Billy Gardell is here. Comedians from all over the country are in town for the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival. At Zanies: Russ Williamson (Chicago and St. Charles), Des Bishop (Chicago), Reno Collier (Rosemont), At The Improv: Drew Lynch At Riddles: Abu Ali: Captain Arabia Comedy Tour; Damon Williams Comedy Series 2019 with... Read more »

Chicago comedy spotlight for Tuesday, January 1-Sunday, January 6, 2019

Visitors in town: Steve Rogers, Caitlin Pelouffo, Mateen Stewart, and the Lucas Brothers. At Zanies: Emmy Blotnick (Chicago), Laurie Kilmartin (Rosemont), Michael Larimer (St. Charles). Interview with Emmy Blotnick here! At Riddles: Damon Williams Birthday Bash At The Improv: DeRay Davis In the news: named the fourteen “January 2019 movies written or directed by... Read more »

Talking with the Late Show's Emmy Blotnick about truth, salmon, and the beauty of myth busting

When I asked Emmy Blotnick what her comedy says about her, she said: “A lot of my comedy is trying to reevaluate things I learned and took as fact.” And just like that, I had my New Year’s resolution. Challenge assumptions! Question beliefs! It’s the path to liberation. In Emmy’s comedy, it’s also the expressway... Read more »

"Who made God?" and other questions with Pat McGann

Pat McGann is a hit with audiences of all sizes, from his three kids who are ages six, five and four to sold-out arenas where he opens for Sebastian Maniscalco. On the Late Show with David Letterman, Pat got the audience roaring with laughter over his role as clothes-washer-in-chief, the dampening effect on his love... Read more »