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Adult Beginner Ballet? Me? YES....Come Dance With Fabrice Calmels

Let me guess….everyone you know is either on a diet, been on a crazy diet, or is one of many people that forces themselves to exercise even if they hate it.  We live in a culture that emphasizes the “fit” and beautiful, but there are so many ways to be healthy inside AND out that... Read more »

Why I Like Teaching

Someone asked me recently why it is that I want to teach ballet.  They wanted to know, “as a dancer with the Joffrey, don’t you get annoyed or frustrated teaching ballet to beginners, to older people, who seem to be so uncoordinated?”  The truth is, teaching makes me incredibly happy.  It’s a satisfaction I do... Read more »

Teaching Ballet in Chicago

Aside from my professional career dancing at the Joffrey, I fill much of my free time by teaching ballet classes throughout the city.   And now I’m incredibly excited to announce that I’m starting a brand new beginner class on Wednesday nights in addition to my current classes on Thursdays and Saturdays. I have been... Read more »