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Thanks LA from the Joffrey

1, 2, 3…the countdown is already happening and my accumulation of various parts is coming and going.  Last night I performed the Nutcracker Prince and had been looking forward to making it a wonderful moment….15 minutes of intense dancing to close the ballet. April Daly was my sugarplum partner last night and she was wonderful.... Read more »

30secondsofdance LA videos

So while the Joffrey is here in LA, I thought I would repost some of the old 30SOD footage I shot last summer of great dancers out here in LA.  Enjoy these videos and make sure to look for more 30SOD videos coming up in the future (editing will resume soon enough…once I find a... Read more »

The Underground Dance Scene in LA

So we’ve been here in LA for several days now, but what I really wanted to share with you was an experience I had my first night out after our first rehearsal earlier in the week.  It was unusual, but one of those experiences that opened my eyes to a world I’ve never experienced and... Read more »