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The Joffrey Ballet's Hancher Performance in Des Moines, Iowa

Tonight’s performance to benefit the Hancher Theater here in Des Moines, Iowa was an incredible success.  The performance was specifically designed to include those works in our repitoire with favorable, crowd-pleasing reveiws, and tonight’s audience was incredibly receptive and pleased.  We performed Kettentanz, Smile with My Heart, Carousel a Dance, and Age of Innocence to... Read more »

The Joffrey Ballet's Iowa Tour: A One Night Benefit Performance for the Hancher Auditorium

The Joffrey has been a touring company since its founding days over 50 years ago.  When the Hancher Auditorium was recently ruined by the flood waters in Iowa, it was simple decision for the Joffrey to lend a helping hand.  On top of this devastation, we all know of the difficulties of the struggling economy.... Read more »