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More Fire Island Photos

So I know I posted some performance photos of Erica and I from the incredible performance at Fire Island, as well as a performance video, but I thought you all might enjoy some of the “off stage” photos.  Sometimes those are even better 🙂 Enjoy!

Pictures From Fire Island Dance Festival

Pictures From Fire Island Dance Festival
Fire Island Dance Festival….it’s such a simple statement, but what an amazing experience.  No cars on the island, just human nature at its best, even animals walking around not scared of anything.  It was very unusual but natural, and rather incredible to be around.   I was a bit surprised just how amazing everyone was... Read more »

Fire Island Dance Festival

Even in my wildest dreams I would never have imagined that such a place existed.  I arrived last Friday after taking three different modes of transportation, from airplane, to car, to ferry (if you can believe it, it’s only because Fire Island does not have any cars).  It is an island less than a mile... Read more »