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JSmooth and LXD

I just wanted to share some great news….one of the artists I love to feature on 30secondsofdance, JSmooth, is now a part of LXD (the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers).  I always loved this guy and knew that he would make it far.  The trick is to always put yourself out there, work hard, and of... Read more »

30secondsofdance LA videos

So while the Joffrey is here in LA, I thought I would repost some of the old 30SOD footage I shot last summer of great dancers out here in LA.  Enjoy these videos and make sure to look for more 30SOD videos coming up in the future (editing will resume soon enough…once I find a... Read more »

Fabrice's Pictures of the Last Decade

The last decade brought me here to the United States, brought me to where I am now settled at the Joffrey, and truly expanded my professional success.   I realize that it is now several weeks into the new year and new decade, but it’s still January and still a time to look back at... Read more »

Upcoming Videos at 30secondsofdance.com

With how busy December gets while we’re performing Nutcracker, I lose track of my days for a minute.  Outside of Joffrey, I have been working hard on keeping 30secondsofdance up and running.  We have some great videos coming up and major surprises (one hint…Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet) coming up.  I can’t wait to share the... Read more »

More Constelacion Latina and 30SOD

Last week I wrote a blog about my trip to Colombia this past summer to film the amazing dancers of Constelacion Latina.  I thought I would upload a few more videos from the 30SOD website of these amazing dancers because let’s face it, you’ll never cease to be amazed by these kids and you can... Read more »

Dancing in Cali, Colombia with Constelacion Latina

30 Seconds of Dance: Constelacion Latina Complete Routine from 30 Seconds of Dance on Vimeo. This past summer I was invited to travel to Cali, Colombia to film the salsa company, Constelacion Latina as they prepared for the Colombian Salsa Championships.  When I started 30secondsofdance I had it in mind that I wanted to travel... Read more »

We Need Art, We Need Dance, We Just Need More of it

Well Othello finished on October 25th and it was time to have some time off.  We had a week off after the show closed, but I should quickly shut my mouth because time off from the Joffrey means I get to spend far more time on all of my other projects (aka work!).  My business... Read more »

Introduction to 30secondsofdance.com

30 Seconds of Dance, week 4: Kathleen Thielhelm in Millennium Park from 30 Seconds of Dance on Vimeo. For this particular blog, I wanted to introduce you to my website, www.30secondsofdance.com.  This site features 30 second clips of dancers from all genres of dance in high definition film.  I have a great deal of passion... Read more »