Goodbye Harold Ramis

I am so sad to hear about the death of Harold Ramis. Harold was an amazing man, a genius of Cinematography, and a supporter of the Joffrey Ballet.

I didn’t know him personally, but I always felt like I did. In the eye of a 6 years old boy from France, his movies were magical! When I was a boy, and before the digital age, an American movie used to take a couple years before being released in Europe. We young kids used to wait impatiently to see them, and we would see some sneak peeks on television and get all excited. All of his works will stay in my memory forever.  A few days ago I was actually watching ‘Ghostbusters’, and had a blast! It was like reliving my childhood days -bringing me back to my home in France and the first time I discovered those amazing special effects.  Another one of his movies – “Groundhog Day”…my favorite! (Harold Ramis Bill Murray)

It is our mind that allows an idol to become close to us.  So, through years of being exposed to his work, I grew a passionate admiration for a man I never met. I love his acting, and love his movies. I remember when I saw ‘Ghostbusters’, my brother and I would reenact all the scenes.  We did this for a month straight, I swear!   Even today, I reenact the scene of “Analyze This” with my dance partner April Daly.  At the end of each rehearsal we do so to congratulate ourselves for the work we completed – much the same way Robert De Niro thanks his therapist Billy Crystal: “You…you are good ….you …you know it …you are good!”  It’s silly, but it surely make us laugh every time!

Harold, you have made a huge impact in peoples’ lives - including mine.  You made people dream and made people happy. And in my line of cinematic idols, you confirm my purpose in life and clarify my goals.  You matter to others in a really positive way.  Thank you for all you have done, and thank you for supporting the Arts and the Joffrey Ballet every year.

Goodbye Harold Ramis

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