The Joffrey's Latest Tour In Pictures

I admit that we got back from our last tour several weeks ago and I apologize for taking so long to post these pictures, but as it always happens, there always seems to be so much going on when I get back to Chicago! I just keep going and going...and going...but I haven't forgotten about all of you.  I will never disappoint my fans! I promised you great pictures from this tour, and I certainly think you'll enjoy this peak into our world.
Fabrice Tour Poster
I started writing this blog on tour, from the physical therapy room on my new mac laptop I finally decided to purchase.  As you remember, I bought one on our California tour, but returned it.  Then I realized, who am I kidding?  Like everyone else, I can't resist Apple :).  
The tour to Kansas and Indiana went well.  Even before it started, we were all very excited for multiple was our last tour of the season and as soon as we got back to Chicago we knew we were looking ahead to our annual gala and a spring program with new works.  For myself, with the gala it means I get to dance After the Rain with Victoria.  And for the spring program, I get to perform new world premiers for Edwaard Liang and Yuri Possokov.  It's a lot of work, but damn it feels great.  New challenges and new goals.  And now by the time I am posting this blog, performances are right around the corner....our gala is this Friday and we open the Spring Program next Wednesday night.
As for the rest of the tour, Temur came back from his injuries and was finally back performing.  He delivered one of the most fantastic Sea Shadow performances with his wife, Victoria.  This is after a major injury to his lower back (herniated disk), but when you see these pictures you'll think it never happened.  I do hope you enjoy this run of pictures...every time I try to get a little more creative with them to show you something a little different and unique.
Hope to see you all at our upcoming performances.....

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