The Joffrey California Tour In Pictures (part 1)

Hey everyone...I know its been a long time since I've blogged and I apologize for taking so long to write again! It's certainly not because I'm being lazy, I just seem to have so much on my plate lately...but I'm finally getting around to writing about the recent Joffrey tour to California.  We got back from the tour a little over the week ago and had a week off (a week of running around for me, of course), and while it was a difficult and tiring run for the company, it was a fantastic opportunity for the Joffrey.  It was great making connections in California, meeting fantastic people, and having a hell of a run with wonderful sold out shows that inevitably always finished with wonderful standing ovations.  
The casting for the run went up a couple weeks before the tour itself, but it changed quickly once we were on the road with the numerous injuries of dancers in our company.  In the end, it made my run a little more difficult than expected, but then again, dancing more is never a bad thing :)
Friday 03.04.11 @ 8:00 PM
Folsom (Performing Arts Center Folsom Lake College)
Sea Shadow
We arrived in our first city, Folsom, on Thursday afternoon and were greeted with a v ery nice and quaint city that was very clean and well preserved.  I don't know much about the history of the city, but in my imaginative mind, it looked like I could change the asphalt to dirt and the cars to horses and I would suddenly be standing in the middle of one of those great old western movies :).  It  is so great to see that there is still little towns like this one, still preserved and not invaded by everything we expect to be new, shiny, and modern.  It was like a little getaway for few least thats how I felt and was surprising so happy to find a place with "real" antiques and treasures. 
The Joffrey arrived early in the day so we got some time to enjoy the city and explore.  The following day at the theater, the Performing Arts Center Folsom Lake College, it was a different story, however.  My alternate was injured and instead of the one piece I was to perform (out of 3), I had to perform all 3 pieces on the same night; "Sea Shadow" "Smile with my heart" and "Age of Innocence" with limited time in between.  Right from the start of the tour, the challenge was up for me.  As I was getting ready for rehearsal, I prepared myself mentally, understanding that thinking of the whole picture would be the thing that would make me fail.  Instead I tricked my body and forced my mind to take one step at the time.  I forced myself to think of only one piece at a time, approaching each one with ease and not looking at the big picture that would otherwise overwhelm my mind.  And in the end, it worked.  Before I knew it, I made it through the whole show successfully, with people on their feet at the end, happy and charmed by the Joffrey (from emails and feedback). 
Monday 03.07.11 @ 8:00 PM
Santa Barbara (The Granada UC Santa Barbara)
Smile With My Heart
Age of Innocence
And for our second city, we found ourselves in Santa Barbara. Tu me diras "pourquoi, j'ai le Mal de vivre?".  Yes, that is all I knew about Santa Barbara, just some lyrics to a American Soap Opera that I used to watch with my Grandmother when I was 7.  I laugh when I think about it because I used to hate watching it so much, like a bad splinter in my eye, lol.  Not that I know what that feels like, of course, but if such a thing happens, I imagined my pain to be like that, ha.  
Anyway, these crazy thoughts were in my head, but in reality when I looked around, stepped out, and truly experienced Santa Barbara for the first time, I was in awe.  It is an amazing and simply GORGEOUS city.  It feels like you would not be able to get a office job there because it is just too fortunate to live in such a perfect place. With the gorgeous weather, laying out by the water, feeling so good, I felt nearly compelled to go out and buy a computer and sit myself right down with the others at the quaint coffee shop, checking my mail and enjoying the sun :).  Funny thing is, I did buy it, but Mauro made me return it!! To make a long story short, the lifestyle was really calling my name :).
Back at the theatre (and back to reality ;)) we ran the program to sync up with the lights, check out the stage, space each ballet, and meet the stage hands.  Everything was going well until Victoria hurt herself in Smile with my heart.  We stopped and worried, waiting for the verdict...can she or can she not dance :(.  Victoria is very strong and we decided to go on, but on a lighter schedule.  We gave up performing "Sea Shadow", and it was certainly the right thing to do, but I admit we were both are a little upset that we were not dancing it.  Mr Arpino is so precious to all of us and it is just magic to dance his pieces, but then again, the run in California is long and the quality of the show must remain the focus point of our tour.  For me it means that I have one less to focus on but still a heavy load of others.  That night I still danced "Smile with my heart" ( with April ) and "Age of innocence" (with Victoria).
Wednesday 03.09.11 @ 8:00 PM
Palm Desert (McCallum Theatre)
Sea Shadow
And once again, the next city seemed to be just as amazing as the last, if not better :).  Just when I needed relaxation off the stage, we arrived in Palm Desert, at a hotel that screamed everything vacation.  It was this little community of housing surrounded by golf course, in the center, an artificial lake, pools everywhere, outdoor dining, little campfires everywhere making this just magical.  It was paradise.  I renamed the whole thing "the Island of temptation" from that corny reality show taking place on this tropical island.  Well this is how it was.  At night I was sitting by the fire, looking at the sky, and was able to see every single star.  Just a great location for a few days away.  
Seriously, the sun can change anyone at contact.


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  • Yes, you are right thinking of one step at a time. I had a voice teacher who told me that when you are learning a song, you must not try to gulp down the whole thing because it is too much. There are so many technical, musical and interpretive aspects to think about that your mind cannot process everything at once. Best to break it down, learn the rhythm, then the words, then the phrases, and if you have difficulties, break down the tricky parts, until you can run everything smoothly. Then, after the initial run, go back and polish, polish, polish. I imagine the same applies to dance. I really appreciate your sharing your methods and hope you will continue to educate us about dance.

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