A Joffrey Thank You to Detroit

Hey everyone.  I hope you all survived the storm and enjoyed it as much as I did, but I wanted to write about something else (and thought you all might enjoy thinking about something other than snow, snow, and more snow)....our great experience in Detroit last weekend.  It was a very quick trip, but we are back in Chicago already after having a wonderful experience in Detroit.  I must admit it pleasantly caught us off guard that Detroit received us with a sold out show on Saturday and a full house on Sunday with over 4000 people in one weekend.  What a success!
On Saturday the program included Reflections, Sea Shadow, Smile with my Heart and Age of Innocence.  On Sunday we performed the same with the one exception of Pretty Ballet instead of Age of Innocence.
And for us, the pressure was on.  We all know that it is very important and a self-imposed rule of the Joffrey to deliver the best quality performance on the road in order to represent Chicago at its best, and to give our choreographers that have given their work to our company a excellent display of their art.  We are the ambassadors to their work and we do our best to keep the level of each piece always at its very best no matter when or where we perform it.
The great and exciting moment of the weekend for me was performing "Sea Shadow".  I have been at the Joffrey for nearly 10 years now and have watched some of the best of the best of Joffrey dancers perform this quintessential Arpino work.  It was my first time performing it on a stage, and so you can imagine what an exciting and exhilarating moment it was for me to join the list of those that get to perform it...especially since I was cast for it and learned it back in 2002, lol. I have had the honor of practicing it with many ballerinas, but finally got to step on stage with Victoria Jaiani on Saturday evening, and got to share this great Arpino moment with her.
The Detroit audience was a warm and responsive audience, giving all of us an stading ovation that felt like it lasted forever!  In these difficult times, it is very amazing and hopeful to us as artists to see people gathering for our show, great to hear them enthusiastically clapping throughout the night...simply responding and enjoying the performance.  We can only hope you truly felt a great, wonderful escape with us.  
What a great time....thank you Detroit!


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  • How gracious you are to thank your audience and share your personal thoughts with us. Getting to see you perform and know your thoughts has truly enriched and touched everyone's lives, including mine, and added a bit of sunshine to this world.

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