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Nutcracker Tour, In Pictures

with Nutcracker kids in DC
So photography is another hobby of mine, and while I could write lengthy blogs about the tour (Nutcracker tour in Washington DC and St. Louis), sometimes it’s just nicer to see what I see :).  Hope you enjoy the photos! Much love, Fabrice

Chicago Nutcracker Performance Schedule

Hey everyone….here is my schedule for the first two weeks of Nutcracker performances in Chicago at the Auditorium Theatre.  We’ve been on tour now for 2 weeks, the first week in Washington DC and are now finishing up our run in St. Louis, MO.  It’s been a lot of fun, good audiences, and an overall... Read more »

Nutcracker Tour in Washington DC

We left Chicago last Monday but unfortunately spent much of the day at the airport because of terrible weather.  I will say that things happen for a reason because as soon as we arrived in Washington it was like I was rewarded.  It was beautiful outside and decided to take a nice walk.  It was... Read more »

Nutcracker Performance Schedule in DC and St. Louis

Well, it’s Friday and we’re all very tired from a hard week of work at the Joffrey.  We have had Ed Liang here creating a new work for the Spring Program, all the while trying to put Nutcracker together at the same time.  We leave for Washington DC on Monday, and open our Nutcracker season... Read more »

An Amazing Night at the CTFD Gala

Life is full of surprises.  The CFTD Gala in NY on Monday night was another night of wonderful experiences.  The entire evening was full of legends, big names, and wonderful dancers to watch and be around.  And on top of that, I got to see my old friend Daniil, still the funniest guy out there,... Read more »

Day 2 In New York

I woke up this morning to a beautiful day in New York. It’s not quite cold outside yet and above me was a great beautiful open sky.  I decided to take a ballet class at Steps this morning…the 10:30am class with Willy Burmann is the way to go.  Even though his class moved very fast... Read more »

In NY for the CTFD 25th Anniversary Gala

So I made it to New York safely this morning to prepare for what will be an incredible performance on Monday night at the Career Transition for Dancers 25th Silver Jubilee Anniversary Gala.  I’ll be performing the Light Rain pas de deux with Valerie Robin, along with a long list of exceptional performers (see below).  ... Read more »

Upcoming Career Transition for Dancers Gala

As you can tell from my last blog, we just finished up our Fall Program and now will be incredibly busy working a new world premiere as well as Nutcracker…but true to form, there’s more…I also have something else exciting to focus on!  I invite you all to circle November 8th on your calendar for... Read more »

The End to a Great Joffrey Fall Program

The Joffrey finished it’s run of it’s fall program All Stars yesterday and I have to say, what an amazing feeling (but sad as well) to be done with a run you thought was so successful.  I realized we did quite well, which is of course, how it should be.  It’s weird in some ways... Read more »

Reviews from Joffrey's Opening Night

Chicago Sun Times, 10/14/2010 This is what I call the best possibility of a “feel good opening night”.  What I call feel good is when everything goes as wanted and without trouble.  But the truth is that even when that happens, we never know if the audience or critics are on the same boat as... Read more »