Thanks to Those Who Bring the Nutcracker Magic

Snow Fall.jpg
As the Nutcracker continues to run at the Auditorium Theater, we often do not do nearly as good a job thanking and recognizing the amazing team that makes us look so good on stage....all the stagehands, wardrobe, stage managers, etc.  We are a family and a team, much more than just the people you see on stage.  We have such amazing stagehands that work alongside us, creating the magic of scenery changes in such a smooth way that you don't even notice the changes.  In the first act alone there are 3 major scene seemless from the party scene all of a sudden ending in a magical outdoor snow scene.
And we would't be complete without the incredible work of our Joffrey wardrobe department.  They work so hard and keep us looking great on stage.  Please take a minute to check out the Chicago Tribune article here, and once again, check out all my backstage pictures here and here.  I hope everyone can see what an important team we have, working so hard to make everything look magical and effortless of stage.

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