One Week Left of Nutcracker

A week of all things nuts:  This morning I sat having my coffee, thinking about this week's Nutcracker marathon ahead of me.  A marathon to me is 2 shows a day until we are done on the 26th...then again this is nothing new to me as this is as it always is at Joffrey during the holidays.  Yes, it's almost over, and as it goes every year, it's just as upsetting this year as it always is for the kids who are realizing it's the final week.  For me it's simultaneously very sad to no longer have the kids around (it's their energy and enthusiasm that keeps me going!) but also satisfying to be alive and still standing after a long and difficult performance run, lol.  Soon enough I get to enjoy my sweet sweet bed for more than 24 hours!  
Think of it like you are a battery that starts out fully charged (or more or less fully charged, lol).  The goal is to disperse your energy over the entire run without running out too early, struggling to make it to the end.  When you have nothing left, that when things are no good and injuries are likely to happen.  At least that's how I see it. here we are, one week to go! 
(and in case you were worried, the batteries haven't died yet, lol....we will do our best to ensure that these shows will be no less as energetic or wonderful as they were at the beginning....see you there :))


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  • My Yugoslavian father always worked hard all his life and I often asked him how he did it. He would always say, you have to keep going until you finish the job. Be strong!

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