Opening Night at the Joffrey

Well today was D Day....all day the pressure was building up.  I was very excited to open Joffrey's "Supernova" program tonight with works from such amazing choreographers as Christopher Wheeldon, George Balanchine, and Jerome Robbins.  Tonight I danced After the Rain...the pas de deux is very slow and serene, making it incredibly difficult to execute (because of course you have to make it look effortless).  As simple as it looks, the duet requires complete control and confidence in order to be well done.  And then add on top of that thousands of people watching you, when all you want to do is present your leaves very little room for a mistake.
I danced tonight with Victoria and can only hope it came across the way we always want to present ourselves.  I'm very excited about this program, so please if you were not there tonight, come this weekend or next.  And if you were there, come again!
2010-10-04 14.00.28.jpg
2010-10-13 15.06.21.jpg

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