Upcoming Blossom Festival Not to Be Missed for the Joffrey Fan

Live music is a fundamental key factor in any production.  It is more than just sound, but an energy that is dispersed directly to the audience.  In Chicago, "UBS" is our supporter for live music at the Joffrey.  I have to say it's amazing to find a corporate company so willing and committed to being such a supporter of the art form.  Again, big thumbs up to UBS!
And so it comes as no surprise that I am very excited for the Blossom Festival in Ohio in September.  This festival is put on by the Cleveland Orchestra, and the performances are sure to bring us the best music there is for dance.  We will be performing "Pretty Ballet" and "Reflections", both with beautiful scores filled with cello and piano.  This festival is not to be missed if you want to see the pinnacle of music, and not to mention some great dancing ;)
For us as dancers, it is an outdoor festival, which means massive crowds....a treat for us.  This is going to be one of those unforgettable moments to live at least once.  Come join us...it will be worth the trip.

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