Fire Island Dance Festival

Fabrice Erica Fire Island.jpg
Even in my wildest dreams I would never have imagined that such a place existed.  I arrived last Friday after taking three different modes of transportation, from airplane, to car, to ferry (if you can believe it, it's only because Fire Island does not have any cars).  It is an island less than a mile wide with the most ridiculous mansions and opulence.  The only way to get around is to walk. 
The venue was at a beautiful mansion with the stage built suspended in the water.  You can only imagine such a spectacular set up.  The water, the sun set, the dancing....:)
Stars such as Marcelo Gomez, Yuan Yuan Tan, and stars from the show So You Think You Can Dance (Travis Wall) were all on hand to raise money for HIV research.  More pictures to come :)

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