Ballet vs. Everything Else: My Point Proven Once Again

When I said the world of dance is lead by one technique, I was not lying to you, and yesterday Alex Wong proved my point on national TV.  The truth is that ballet dancers have been the "spinach juice" of the entertainment you see, even though everyone looks at ballet like it is the most boring, unnecessary art form they've seen....WRONG.  Ballet is the key to all dance.  It is the thing that will give you the most discipline out of all dance forms.
Learning ballet means understanding your body from the tip of your head all the way down to your toes.  The truth is that you can redirect yourself to every genre of dance later on with easy facility.  But you cannot, however, do the reverse.  It is extremely difficult to do so because your body is already fixed and maybe tight to the point of no return.  Ballet takes work and it doesn't get any easier the longer you wait to study it. 
But again, my point was made perfectly last night.  When you watch shows like So You Think You Can Dance,  you notice how easy it is for the ballet dancers to transform themselves into the various styles, but how incredibly awkward it can be to see a hip hop dancer, etc attempt ballet or "lyrical" jazz or modern.  Please enjoy this video of Alex Wong, a good friend and former Miami City Ballet dancer, dancing beside top hip hop dancer Twitch.


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  • What you say is true, but there is one exception. If you have seen the movie "Flashdance" you see how the aspiring academy student auditioned for her spot with a club dancer routine. The academy saw through her lack of training a passion for dance that cannot be taught. In this cold hateful world passion is hard to come by but if there, as is true of Van Gogh (no art training), it will win out and overcome all obstacles. Yes, classical ballet will give you what you need to succeed and it will also stand the test of time, because it is timeless, as passion is timeless. As Plato said, the two paths to truth are either knowledge or love. They will both get you there, one or the other. Anything else will fail.

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