Rumors that can't be good for us

So apparently the Paris Opera School is now opening auditions for anyone that wants to receive appropriate training, FANTASTIC :/.  Now the Paris Opera is going to steal away our young talented kids not only because they want to visit Paris, but because they are on the quest for a better place where they can receive a great education in the arts (many here have told me how excited they are by this news...excited by having a better opportunity).
I am writing about this because in truth, I am extremely concerned about us.  I have this big worry that we are not aware that we are losing the arts culture.  There is something I have always been proud of and it is to be living in this country...the country of possibilities.  I am proud of my city of Chicago.  
Arts is the medicine of the soul.  It is a need and it is vital for all of us as humans.  Just look at your kids....brought to life with colored games and music that stimulates their brain.  We learn this at such a young age and it never leaves us...we just end up pushing arts to the side to do the things in life we're "supposed" to do, when in fact, we should be putting arts at the forefront to stimulate ourselves and make us better people (even if, at the very least, it just makes us do what we're "supposed" to do, better).  Art galleries, design, dance, ballet, musical symphonies...they are all part of our health.  It is a need for our brains.
Say to me "it is not a need for us" and I say to you, absolutely it is a need for us!  If you are about to minimize yourself and your needs, I will say to you why don't you eat with your hands, why don't you stop taking showers, why don't you stop wearing your shoes, stop working out...just sit down.  You can go very far.
Everything in life has a purpose, and when you truly connect to our purpose in life, we realize the truth was there way before you had your $120.00 sports shoes.  Thousands of years ago you had a primal ritual that included fire and beating on a drum and dancing on the earth to get the land to serve your needs.  This is our root and our way to grow into something better.
What do this have to do with the Paris Opera you ask?  What I am saying is that we have one of the most powerful countries in the world, so why can't we have as much as they have in the way of opportunities?  Why don't we have what they have in smaller countries like France or even Japan?  I want us to grow better and stronger in our style and education.  So do we really need to go the Paris to find ourselves?


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  • The truth is there's no place like home. Hermann Hesse's book, Siddhartha, illustrates this well. If they only knew...

  • It is a big worry that we are losing our innate ties to art. My work is in business and leadership and my specialty is in the fusion of art, business, & leadership. Art is based on creativity, wonder, awe, and the discipline of mind/body/soul... shouldn't business & leadership be as well! Everything in life for that matter!
    I was also really suprised when I saw that ad for the open call from Paris Opera... I didn't think they did that?

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