News on the Upcoming Joffrey Season

Well I've just started to rest and already the news is crawling around the web about our new season.  Today the Cleveland Orchestra announced our program for the Blossom Festival...
My speculation was that we would be performing Age of Innocence since we will be performing this with live music at Ballet Across American in Washington DC June 18-20th.  I was hoping that the company would chose to perform this ballet with one of the best orchestras at Blossom Festival, but I guess it will have to wait for another time.  Instead we are going to perform ballets from the our spring program and one from this year's gala.  We will perform Gerald Arpino's Reflections, Tarantella, and James Kudelka's Pretty Ballet.  In truth, it is a smart move to perform these works since we have just finished our program in Chicago and it will not be much of a headache to put it all back together.  And in addition, the new season is going to be full.  We have so much new work coming up that we don't want a beat up before we even get to the heavy load of the new season.  
Ok ok, here we go again :)


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  • It was a great season, and you were extremely strong in it! Chicago is lucky to have you. Wish I were going to the Blossom Fest to see you all along w/the Cleveland Orchestra since they are ranked 7th in the world. FYI- The Chicago Symphony is ranked 5th, and last night they played Mahler's entire 5th symphony, including the adagietto, which I heard for the 1st time watching you and Victoria Jaiani perform in Mr A's "Round of Angels" (9/11/08). Live music is always an appreciated extra.


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