A Sad but Supportive Goodbye to Two of Joffrey's Greatest

Bye Calvin and Susan, we will miss you more than you know.  Sunday May 9th at 2pm will be the last performance for Calvin Kitten and Suzanne Lopez, two amazing, talented, and loyal dancers that gave their lives to the Joffrey.  I just found out that Suzanne has been dancing in the company for the past 20 years.  This is more than a commitment to me.
Calvin and Suzanne have been an example for me and for all the young dancers in the company.  For all of the readers, I hope I can convey and help you understand that this profession, in this company, is different from any other job.  You travel together, spend more than 6 hours a day in the same room, constantly communicate, share the same stage dancing together, and sometimes even yell at each other, lol.  But really, it's a family.  It is your home and every member is your brother or sister.
So you can only imagine that loosing two of our elders, two dancers that are synonymous with the Joffrey, is extremely painful for this company.  But every dancer has their time, and they both have had seemingly incredibly fulfilled careers here at Joffrey.  They are leaving on the top, with incredible careers behind them.  Quite the best retirement, in fact.
I have to admit that it is always very sour for me to see my generation slowly disappearing :(.  But the Joffrey is now growing better than ever with Ashley Wheater in charge.  He is cutting edge, finding a new modern appeal to the company and building a fresh structure.  Nevertheless, Calvin and Suzanne's absence will be felt every day.
This weekend will be the final performances of our spring program, Eclectica, with the final performances of two greats.  Please come join us as we close our season and send our love to Calvin and Suzanne.  Please come on Sunday, May 9th to support their incredible careers, their incredible contributions to the Joffrey, and the pathway they have created for each and every dancer that is lucky enough to share the stage them.  It's their final stand at the Auditorium Theater and I hope you are there.
Much love, Fabrice


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  • I happen to have a ticket for this performance. I can only imagine the life of a professional dancer; that is, to give your best no matter how you feel and to be under constant exposure and scrutiny by others, some of which can be quite hostile for whatever reason. I only have love for all artists because I know how sensitive and giving they are. I will be cheering with tears in my eyes.

  • P.S. The performance was lovely and I was transformed by these two great artists. Everyone was cheering and the entire company appeared on the stage with flowers and hugs which proves it is all worth it in the end.

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