The Joffrey Ballet Reality Show??? a reality show?? Really?  Apparently the Joffrey is in talks to take itself onto a new stage...that of reality television!  "First position" will give viewers a behind the scenes look at the world of the Joffrey trainees.  So I'm curious, what do you think??
According to the article in the Sun Times, ''it will be similar in feel to something like 'Project Runway,' and focus on our trainees, who are between 17 and 22 years of age,'' stated by Joffrey Executive Director Christopher Clinton Conway. ''They are not quite yet in the company, but have been dancing pretty much their whole lives.''  There will be weekly challenges, and ''part of the package will be to offer a contract [with the Joffrey] to the winner at the end.''
Christopher Conway is incredibly excited about the idea.  I think it could be a great idea depending on the approach, of course.  I believe that a lot of reality television is just trash TV, but I can picture "First Position" being a lot more than just ballerinas pulling each other's hair because they did not get lead role in a performance, lol.  That's just not how the dance world works.  I think there might be something here, something definitely positive, showcasing our world to a much much larger audience.  The truth is that not many people understand ballet and choose to stay away from it because of that.  I think this show could be something very different and could show the fun, challenging, and disciplined side of dance that can be inspiring to a lot of young artists.
Putting such a show on the air could be a massive awakening to the population, showing our world to a majority of people that have no clue what is happening all over this country in dance studios and dance companies everywhere.  I think our stories are very relatable, just as so many people watch Project Runway not because they are designers, but because they relate to the drive of a person with goals, hard work, and talent trying to "make it".
It's all under discussion, so I guess we'll have to wait and see...


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  • I agree with you completely.

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