Performing In Miami

So here we are in warm and sunny weather, performing at the ARSHT theatre in Miami.  We are here for two performances, and last night I had one of the most amazing performance.  The theater is massive and offers far more room on stage than most theatres.  What a treat for me, lol.  I woke up Friday morning, stretched while watching the news, and ran downstairs to get some breakfast because well, I was late for the bus call.  I tried to post a funny comment on facebook to start the day off right, but apparently it didn't work....I think my iphone doesn't work well because it's ancient...old at 3 years and hardly functional sometimes.  
It was raining this morning, but warm.  I could hardly care about the rain since anything is better than 30 degree Chicago weather.  Sorry Chicago, I love you, but it's true.
So I made the bus call, made it to the theatre, and managed to have a decent first run-through.  I had to do a lot of adjustments because the stage was so massive, but again, I love that and can't complain.
After the dress rehearsal I caught a bite to eat with a friend and headed back to the theatre.  I was pumped.  The audience was so responsive to helped the whole show.  As soon as I put my foot on the stage, I could feel the energy of the audience.  I performed in the final piece in the show, so the previous dancers all told me as soon as they stepped off stage how amazing the audience was.  "Age of Innocence" was the final number of the program, and well, it was just like they told me.
I felt very comfortable and Victoria was very much on her game and nailed every step.  It was just the perfect mixture, lol.  I had just listened to the music to get myself ready, and tried to be very sensitive with Victoria while on stage to know and be prepared for everything she needed.  
I live for moments like this.  The life of a dancer is painful, but there are just those moments that make everything worth it.
Check out our nice review in the Miami Herald today of last nights performance...
Love you all....

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