Modeling for Richard Dayhoff

I am so excited to introduce Richard Dayhoff's premium performance underwear.  After meeting with him for a few modeling shots, I actually started wearing his product during rehearsals because they were so sporty.  The fabric is stretchy and very soft, and the last thing you want to do is feel should be focused on other things besides what you're wearing.  They have a very practical aspect to them when dancing, and when you are mostly jumping and leaping, you search for dancewear/sportwear that supports without being too constraining.

Richard Dayhoff's product is nearly perfect to dance it even it if was at first a performance underwear.  Check out info on his product here.  

Richard Dayhoff promo part 1 from Sasha Fornari on Vimeo.


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  • I must say that you represent this product so well and in the video you look so earthy and real. I, too, like clothing that is easy to move in, so that you can forget it and "move on." My mother was a true fashionista and I learned at an early age that the essence of good fashion is the fit -- that is why in the past clothing was custom made for patrons who could afford it. Now, of course, it is mass produced, so it is good to find clothing that truly represents the fashion tradition of fit as well as style.

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