Adult Beginner Ballet? Me? YES....Come Dance With Fabrice Calmels

Let me guess....everyone you know is either on a diet, been on a crazy diet, or is one of many people that forces themselves to exercise even if they hate it.  We live in a culture that emphasizes the "fit" and beautiful, but there are so many ways to be healthy inside AND out that doesn't require all those things we dread.  I'm glad to see yoga and pilates growing in popularity as new, healthy, and invigorating forms of exercise, and now I'm on a mission to do the same with ballet!!  Ballet is for everyone...even those with two left feet, lol.  It's not just about the workout (which, of course, is a great one), but it's about having fun, invigorating yourself, and finding your strength and discipline.  I have been teaching beginning ballet for a long time now, and am now starting an Adult Beginner Ballet Intensive, where you will learn the basics, and find strength, consistency, and ability over 9 beginning ballet classes.  I hope there are willing, excited, and enthusiastic people that will have fun with me, and even help one another in a group of people trying something they've never tried before.  At the end of only 9 classes, you'll be grateful (and hooked!), I guarantee it. 

Adult Beginner Ballet Intensive- "Come Dance with Fabrice Calmels"
Wednesdays, 8:00-9:00 PM, starting 4/7-6/2
Learn ballet fundamentals including barre exercises, stretches, and conditioning to continue on to center in beg/intermediate ballet. 
Benefits of ballet training are improved posture, increased flexibility, toned & lengthened muscles, coordination and even memory improvement. 
Session consists of 1 class/week, one hour, $180 for 9 weeks
Space is limited register today at , "schedule", & Fabrice Beg Ballet Intensive.
Intensive session is intended for adults with little to no experience, enrolling at week 1 is highly recommended.
* drop-in policy: must have ballet experience.


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  • Take these classes if you want to feel great about yourself, move to amazing music, get a fantastic work-out and learn ballet basics from a world-class dancer and teacher, Fabrice Calmels. He's the real deal and also a really nice guy.

  • I continue to be impressed with your writing ability, which is so refreshing and entertaining, in these posts as well as your dancing expertise. In my opinion, you are a genius in so many ways.

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