Some Arpino Works on my Horizon

Well, Wednesday it was back to work, lol.  But I have to say, it was a great day.  We came back to work from our LA tour, with casting for our next show being posted our first day back.  I couldn't be happier...rehearsing and performing Mr. Arpino's "Reflections" and "Sea Shadow".  
I couldn't be happier with "Reflections" because I learned it early on at my time with Joffrey.  It's such a joy to come back to the source, to a ballet that made me want to stay in Chicago and decide to call it my home.  I also find it really interesting how your body does not forget.  The movement is so natural to my body and muscle memory is an incredible thing.  My body just comes back to what feels good, and so easily with these steps that are familiar to me.  Understanding how great it was to bring this ballet back into my body, it's easy to understand that it only took my partner, Victoria Jaiani, and I two hours to put the steps together and find a decent coordination between us.  If need be, I'm sure we could spend another 30 minutes rehearsing together and perform it on the spot.
My second gift of Wednesday was the casting of "Sea Shadow".  I will be performing this ballet with Victoria again (lol) at the Joffrey Tower next week.  What can I say about Sea Shadow?  For me, it is the quintessential Joffrey Ballet master piece....well that's a lie since there are far too many amazing pieces fundamental to the Joffrey to pick just one (Light Rain, Suite Saint-Saens, Round of Angels, and on and on).  In case you haven't seen it, "Sea Shadow" was featured in the movie "Save the Last Dance".  It is a masterful work of beauty by Mr. A.  I have learned it many times, with many different partners, but was always the second or third cast so I have never actually had the chance to perform it on stage.  Well here it is!! Next week I'm on!  I have to laugh because a lot of Joffrey dancers have performed "Sea Shadow" for their exit out of the company as their last dance on stage....I hope this is not a message!!

Gerald Arpino's Reflections, Samuel Pergande and Emily Patterson


Gerald Arpino's Sea Shadow, Maia Wilkins & Davis Robertson


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  • I must say I love your athleticism. I can see how the movements come to you so well. I think you would also be good as an actor, if you are ever inclined that way. You have such presence and I am impressed that you are teaching the next generation to dance like you. Bravo!

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