The Underground Dance Scene in LA

So we've been here in LA for several days now, but what I really wanted to share with you was an experience I had my first night out after our first rehearsal earlier in the week.  It was unusual, but one of those experiences that opened my eyes to a world I've never experienced and that's always something exciting.  I went out with a friend of mine to discover the underground dance world here in LA.  It was very strange but also very amazing.  

So we arrived at this place that was essentially a giant loft apartment.  There were dancers everywhere, and the odd part of it all was that there was no official host, teacher, or apparent leader.  It was more like an open house where dancers were just practicing whatever they wanted with whatever music happened to be playing at that time.  The DJ alternated between hiphop beats and house music, and dancers would just groove to whatever was pumping through the room.  Dancers would just decide to follow whatever dancer had started his own routine so it would keep changing all the time....I think the entire time my inner monologue was "what is going on!" lol....but I honestly loved it.  I saw everything from ballet to brake dancing....the extremes of dancing in the same room, on the same night, with the same group of dancers?!?! I was just so surprised by the whole thing, impressed to see such a defined culture of dance, inclusive of all genres.  I opted not to join in at all, just observe such a great great thing.  It truly doesn't matter what genre of movement you are doing with your body, it all breaks down to the very same energy and it!


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  • Wow, that is strange. Was this a dance school? I kind of like the idea, too. I can see how you could learn a lot, too, from watching other dancers. I'm glad you are having a good time in California.

  • Sounds kind of like jazz improv music, but in the dance genre instead of progressive. I can see how an accomplished dancer such as yourself would appreciate it.

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