The Joffrey Getting Cinderella Ready for Los Angeles

It's a little less than one week before the Joffrey leaves for LA to open this season's production of Cinderella.  We are running the entire ballet in the studio twice, sometimes three times a day...stamina boot camp lol.  At this pace, I think we are certainly going to be ready.  
Los Angeles has always been a challenging performance city for the Joffrey because the critics are not always as generous as they are here in Chicago.  Even with a great performance, it's much harder to get a good review in LA.  Critics there are just difficult to please, I suppose, but I believe it's simply because they have a different way of life in LA.  I don't mean that in a bad or judgemental way, it's simply different.  The television/film industry of Hollywood is not just a way of life, but it drives the city's mentality and so I believe people just have a different way of being entertained.  The fact that there is such limited presence for ballet in LA is a testament to the city's entertainment focus.  The Los Angeles Ballet formed only a few short years ago, and hats off to them for doing such a great job out there.
From my perspective as we prepare to head out there, I think LA is going to be very pleasantly surprised by what we have to offer.  We have Ashley leading us and I do believe the company is stronger than ever.  I also think the choice of bringing a full length ballet might be to our benefit.  Let's just hope for the best.
We leave for LA on Tuesday the 26th, so I will be sure to update everyone with our reviews next week...


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  • It all makes me want to pack up and go to LA. I love California and the laid back, athletic lifestyle. I know you'll have fun there.

  • Do you know yet which performances you will be covering in Chicago in February and what role(s) you will play at those performances? I would like to bring someone to see you pereform. Thanks.

  • You were right, LA was pleasantly surprised. I just read today's LA Times review and the critic said some very nice things about the company's production and also mentioned your supporting role as Wellington. Merde, keep up the good work!

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