My "Easy Day" at the Joffrey

As I last posted, we are back to work at the Joffrey focusing hard on our upcoming production of Cinderella.  For me, if you can believe it, I am finding myself having easier days...although I have to wonder about that statement.  An "easy" day, well a typical work day anyway, includes class from 10-11:30am followed by rehearsal from noon to 6:00pm everyday.  I often wonder if that is comparable with those in the real world?!  Technically our hours are consistent with a 9-5 job, but it in no way feels like a 9-5, even on what I consider to be my easy days. 
Suzanne Lopez. Photo courtesy of Herbert Migdoll.
Anyway, the Joffrey performed Cinderella for the first time several years ago, but I am excited that we are bringing this full length ballet back to the stage.  I would like to believe that in the past couple of years I've felt Chicagoans really begin to appreciate the dance world and how incredible and fortunate it is to see live performance with a full live orchestra.  I am always hoping for greater appreciation of this art form, and I do believe Chicago is doing its part to support what we do.  We are known for our ability to perform varied and  eclectic repertoire, as well as the classics.  We have many full length ballets in our repertoire and I think it's great that we had two in this season (Othello and Cinderella).  Sometimes I think it's easier for audiences to be excited for the classic stories we all know so well, and while it's a lot of work to put up the full length productions, both Othello and Cinderella are great, crowd pleasing ballets and I think they make this season unique. 
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We are already 2 weeks into rehearsals for Cinderella and are planning to leave for Los Angeles on Tuesday January 26th (right around the corner).  We will be performing Cinderella out there first, before coming back to Chicago to open at the Auditorium Theater for a two week run, February 17-28th.  I admit I am kind of happy because I will not be dancing any major role in this production.  To tell you the truth, after Othello and then Nutcracker, I was not very excited to dance the role of the Prince for this production.  As I said in my last blog, we only had 7 days off after Nutcracker (and well, after an intense fall) that I just feel is too short a time for my body to fully recover and be able to perform how I would want to perform Cinderella Prince.  
But that's not to mislead you! I will certainly be performing...I am always up to something!  In truth, this is a welcome "break" (if you call it that) because I am preparing myself for bringing back Age of Innocence in the Spring.  I am really excited to take my performance of this ballet to the next level and finish off what has been for me, an intense and rewarding season.


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  • Some people work 9-5 but at different intensities than others; it depends on the nature of their work. Professionals, such as doctors or lawyers, often work at high intensities for even longer hours. I can see why your body would need to recover. Ideally, everyone would like a little rest from hard work. I, too, love the classics and I'm glad that you are so enthusiastic about them because then the audience will be, too!

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