Already Back to Work at the Joffrey

Well it's only six days into the new year and we are already back at work at the Joffrey.  Our Nutcracker run finished up on December 28th and we have quickly moved onto preparing for our next run (Cinderella in February).  Before I knew it we were back at work, so I wonder....did we actually have any time off????  I guess 7 days feels like nothing by the time your body understands it does not have to get up and perform that day and can actually relax...that takes about 4 days...leaving us with a whole 3 days to relax and recover from over a month of nonstop work.  Seems about   
So we are back to work and there is no easing back into things, that is for sure.  We have 7 days to get the entire full-length ballet of Cinderella up and running so we will be able to concentrate on stamina and cleaning from here on out.  I have to admit that the whole company is right on track and doing amazingly well, even with such little rest.  Nobody is lagging behind or struggling.  We are moving at such a fast pace and holding on tight.  I'd like to think we're making Mr. Joffrey and Mr. Arpino proud.
My brain is already thinking ahead to what I need to accomplish to be maximally ready for the remaining performances this season.  I am working on cleaning up my technique and putting the weight back on that I lost during our Nutcracker run.  I reached 225 pounds for Othello back in October, and during Nutcracker I purposely lost weight in order to be faster on my feet and less heavy in my jumps (I dropped down to 187).  While my metabolism is already strong, I have to be cautious about what I am expending every day and what I am putting back into my body.  We work very hard all day, every day, and I lose weight if I do not keep up a heavy diet....meaning eating normal meals every 2 or 3 hours.  My goal is not to become smaller and our schedule by itself will certainly do it to me if I am not careful.  I am thinking ahead to our upcoming performances of Age of Innocence in March (youtube excerpts here) and know I need to build muscle to get through that ballet successfully at the level I plan to perform.  To do that, I make sure to supplement my diet with vitamins and supplemental protein.  After many years of this, you can tell I have it down to a science!
Age of Innocence

Age of Innocene.png


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  • I wish I had your self control.

  • Where are you performing Age of Innocence in March?

  • In reply to aliaguilar:

    We are going to Florida

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