We Need Art, We Need Dance, We Just Need More of it

Well Othello finished on October 25th and it was time to have some time off.  We had a week off after the show closed, but I should quickly shut my mouth because time off from the Joffrey means I get to spend far more time on all of my other projects (aka work!).  My business partner at 30secondsofdance, Sasha, is no longer working on the project with me and 30secondsofdance needs more videos, more editing, and more and more work.

Sasha and I started 30SOD after talking for quite some time about the idea.  I really wanted to change things because I realized that even after many years of being at the Joffrey, people think that we are located in New York, or that ballet dancers only ever wear pointe shoes and tutus.  It's almost absurd!  Dance, and ballet in particular, has grown tremendously in the last 50 years.  It's no longer just about the romantic story ballets.  There is so much more to see and understand.

I know this is something I will never change, but we as a culture are submersed by sports...football, baseball, numbers, scores, stats.  It's a complete monopoly over the television and our Sunday afternoons!  Do people love it?  Of course.  It's great, entertaining, and a way to unwind and find passion in a sport.  It's fun and you get to support your home team, all of which I am not diminishing.  
What I want to get across is that I believe it could be the same with the arts.  I know you can not bet on a performance (maybe how many stumbles or falls happen...lol) and you certainly can not sit there eating nachos and hot dogs.  But I have to say, it's just as entertaining, fun, educational, and inspiring.  There is so much to gain from listening to live music, observing movement, watching athletes (we are athletes in our own right), and it can be so inspirational.  It can certainly make you think.  It is definitely a break from the screaming, intoxicated crowds, and I bet you might even find it therapeutic.  People are probably going to say that watching sports is easy to do, while dance can often be alienating because people do not always understand it.  And to that I say, "art is like your wine and cheese moment of the day" (Fabrice 11.02.09!).  It is a treat for your brain.
When was the last time you went out to a live show?  To give you a small taste, I encourage you to go to my website, www.30secondsofdance.com, and I'll bet your day becomes a little lighter, a little more entertaining, and a little happier all because of dance!!

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