Help Me Decide My Nutcracker Prince Solo

Othello finished a little over a week ago and now we are back in rehearsals for our next performance, The Nutcracker.  It is a month before we open the Nutcracker in St. Louis, and shortly thereafter here in Chicago on December 11th.  It's hard to believe that this is my 7th Nutcracker with the Joffrey.  Let's see, that's 20-30 performances per season, times 7, plus countless dress rehearsals and studio rehearsals.  And that's just performing Nutcracker with Joffrey alone.... Six years ago at the Joffrey I was first cast as a parent in the party scene, a solider (battle scene), a snow wind (snow scene), and a flower cavalier in the second act (waltz of the flowers).  Four years ago I was cast as a soloist as the father in the party scene, the Snow King, and cast in the Arabian pas.  Three years ago I kept all the same parts and added performing the Nutcracker Prince.  The Prince role includes a duet (the Sugarplum pas), a solo, and a final duet.

I have been changing my solo routine the last 3 years in order to make it different for the audience and for those fans that come to the show year after year.  Today I want to change it again, but I would like you to chose the one I decide to perform.  I've attached two versions below, so please let me know which one you prefer!  I will perform the one you seem to like best, the one that the majority decides will be the better solo.  
Now hurry up so that I can begin to train ASAP for my stamina!!  I'll make my decision in a week, once there is a clear majority.  I really value your opinions, so I hope you share your thoughts.
Option 1:  Vladimir Malokov version

Option 2:  Laurent Hilaire version

Can't wait to hear from you!  -Fabrice


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  • Fabrice, I measure all things ballet by Nureyev, so it looks like the Malakhov version is actually the Nureyev version. I vote the Nureyev version!

  • In reply to mmeaney:

    actually the Nureyev is the one Hilaire does,
    Nureyev was the director of the Paris Opera at the time.....
    but i know what you mean about Nureyev when you saw Malakov, it was the cabrioles at the end that Nureyev used to do sometimes.

  • In reply to mmeaney:

    Definitely the Hilaire version.

  • In reply to mmeaney:

    Option 2

  • In reply to mmeaney:

    You've created a beautifully difficult choice :-)!
    The strength and nobility of Malakhov's interpretation certainly would suit your own characterizations very well.
    But on the whole I think Hilaire's version is the more "supernatural" of the two, in terms of being a fantasy counterpart fully equal to the Sugarplum Fairy; and knowing how dazzling your own technique is, I vote for this second option. [But I know YOU will make either one heroic and thrilling :-)!]

  • In reply to mmeaney:

    Fabrice: Thanks for the chance to vote. While we do have a chance to see the full pas de deux in the second video and not the first, I would actually vote for the first. Yes, the second is showier and the jumps more complex and the audience would love that better, but it seems to me that the choreography of the first performance better compliments the music (at least in the male solo). It would be nice to see the rest of the full pas de deux in the first video. Also, if you are doing a fair number of performances perhaps you might want to save your energy a bit. Finally, finesse always should win over bombast. Just my opinion. Btw, I have been a long time admirer of the Joffrey since before you were born. I have been attending Joffrey performances since the early 1970s and have seen Joffrey in 7 cities across America and attended over 300 perfomances. Thanks for being a part of my enjoyment of dance and continued success in your career as a great danseur noble. John

  • In reply to mmeaney:

    Final decision Option #2 Hilaire.
    Let see you all at the show!

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